Monday, September 30, 2013

Instant Deindividualizing

*poem and statement

*Inspired slightly by Ishmael by Daniel Quinn


History of Our Path:

A moment of instancy, gliding into prehistory,
Only a squatter based upon plounder.
Descendents of ancient sapians; ideological immaterialians.
Generations paved decay, began to material away.
Over time lose of pathism values; atomizing individualisms.

The Materialian Reign:

The instancy of the moment, winded by contradictory.
Plunder our lineage in hopes of kingship and power;
Supremacist knowledge. Disregard modern moralians,
New ways of infinitely being astray...
Social individuality. Generation-less Me. Selfism.


*Go back to the source of the oldest written path, way or discipline. Go back to many different ones. There are common threads, explore them. You'll know they are ethical threads and overtime have overlapped consistently - especially with the fact, we do not practice them as living, breathing individuals in our moral decision making.  To be truly ethical, is to know the history of ethical contemplation and philosophy - many ancient, modern and contemporary philosophers will wear the mask of historian. To think 'ethics' is to not solely think about morals, but the objective paradoxes that come out of moral dilemmas.  There is no question, objective morals exist: no ONE person can say genocide or random killing is GOOD.  This means, we are born with a basic moral map to be ethical with others.

We have grown to believe we are able to leave ethics to ethicist, and the philosophy to philosophers.  We are all equipped with the ability to be self aware of our own individual circumstances and environments as well as the circumstance of others - at least a great deal of people. Now more than ever with the internet (and other techno-progressions), can we learn about others behave, think and believe.  Sources are a question of concern, but at least with multiple sources there is more knowledge of relative data that may make some sources look poor or better.

Ethics... Is not the main issue. But at the same time it is.

The problem with our current day standards of living, is the belief we are destined for better standards of living... The 'we' being individual, but, sometimes meant to mean 'all of us'.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Mental Seasoning

*Try to get/guess what season corresponds with what type of thought-process.

Blossomed sensation
Renewed contention
Intuit blush
Refreshing trust

. . . . .

Sunburnt sagacity
Scorching sanity
Verdant experience
Cloudless prudence

. . . . .

Hibernating enthusiasm
Histrionic ecstaticism
Autumnal hysteria
Earthy zealous
. . . . .

Falling shimmers
Logical shivers
Rational frost
Anxiety lost

Friday, September 27, 2013

The Philosophy of the “Self”

“The unexamined mind is a waste.”
Critically thinking is the paste.
Understanding of cognition,
To avoid limitations.
Think simply, what is universal?
What do we all share non-controversial?
“Words used to convey thoughts,
When thoughts are grasped, words lost.”
Languages are a manifestation,
Of cultures and perceptions.
As life goes on, we create biases.
Polluting our opinions of silences.
Unaware in how much we all have in common,
Truly, we are all from the same garden.
Pursue in finding the connections,
To discover personal disconnections.
Thinking about thinking can be maddening.
Often it can correlate saddening.
Deep thinking can put you at the bottom of a well,
Frequently it can make you feel like hell.
But, to do otherwise proves damaging.
To not self-reflect is most unravishing.


Thinking about thinking can be maddening,
Often it can correlate saddening.
Awareness does not mean happiness,
Enlightenment can bring sadness.
But, to do otherwise is damaging,
to not reflect on life is unmanaging.
"The unexamined mind is a waste"
Start critical thinking, make haste!


Flag waving to the breeze,

The flag does not move,
The wind does not move,
The mind is what moves

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Into the REM

*Poem written for a poetry class freshman year of college '09


Waking up into a dream
Falling out of consciousness
Feeling exiled and crushed
Push, pulled and flushed
Head spinning in a wander
Thoughts woven by history
A parade of mystery
Lucid dreams in reality
Creating my own actuality
What is this grief?
Can I escape this mischief?
Can I find familiar massif?
Plucked from reality
Thrown in unreality
“Stop fighting” a voice throws
Towards the moonlight I gaze
“Allow thoughts to reign”
The moon has spoken to me,
This is no second handed dream
I may be lost but I’ll REM.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Who I Am = What is Human

*Think you are special? Think again... 
"There is no self without relations."
Enlighten cognition, avoid limitations.
Beware in how we are all built.
Conjured from the same silt.
Patternicity curses the human race.
Vicious cycles of happiness, loses face.
Think simply, what is universal?
What do we all share non-controversial?
Words are used to convey thoughts,
When thoughts are grasped, words lost.”
As lives unfold, we develop biases,
Polluting our opinions of silences.
Shallow attachments create self lies.
Deep awareness destroys these guises.
Duplicating nurtures unremittingly.
Mirror; educators, friends, and family.
Band wagon is nature, but have balances.
Equal amount of skeptic-faith allowances.
Thinking of self, ignoring others, proves damaging.
Reflection via nature vs. nurture; ravishing

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Chaos in the Norm

*How do you live your normal day life compared to the lives around the world?


Signal divine demons
Chariots of the damn.
Ten digits and a pause
"Pick me up, please"
Lucid smoke steadily rising
From the yellow and black dixy dixan.
Climbed into the death trap,
"Take me to the tomb stones."
Driving past consumer zombies
Sheeple and proud... They say!
Here comes the mark...
"30 pounds of rice is the fare."
The interstate dangerously explores
While our perspectives implode
Kneeling on dirt that could be a home,
"Instead of life growing, you get to live, dead."

Unable to toss aside old fashions of behavior
Living in a world where there are no norms
Ignorance allows us happiness in bliss,
A 10 dollar lunch is two days of meals for another.

Bringing order to this world will follow pain and sorrow,
Acceptable loses for the future to enjoy the contrary.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Mapping Masters

*This poem was written in about 30 - 40 minutes at a bar.  I was going to perform a poem, but couldn't, so I had to come up with this one on the spot - I used it the follow week.

*My thoughts here are we are such patterned creatures, we do not realize how often we are susceptible towards unnoticed patterns..


Wrote this in a hour, drunk with a lot of help from random people around me:
Marble desires of social-al-ity

Lefty fire of popularity

Sheeple sheperding shaggy societies...

Popular politics! Polarizing possible people-isms, potentially...

The Osamas, Obamas, Bin Lan Dins, Muhammads, Joshuas, Moshuas, Jonas.....
Musical mutuality... Multiplying modes... of mystical monarchy...

Al' Gore allegories of analogical asylum associations access arithmetical [and] acceptable acid-base absolutes

Rebels un-relating in relative realities with recent reasons of reactions relating to real social realities...

These equation of this presentation, is a consummation of the manipulation of our Great, American, Nation

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Happiness to My Anger: Rejecting Social-Dualisms

*Social-Dualism - the choice between having to conform to one idea or another in a societal, cultural and/or communal situation (whether momentary or permanently)


The anger to my happiness
Requests poisonous management of joy,
Scheduling societal psychiatric conforms.
Witnesses others building wallows,
While soothing toxins softly satisfy.
The anger to my happiness
Is an overarching deadly sickness
As the photo to the synthesis;
Pigment'ing leaves flow towards their fathers,
Existing in mystic disciplines of depiction and description.
The anger to my happiness:
Induction into the secret society of self destruction.
Initionary payments of wrongful conduct...
Ignoring us as animals having a drive to survive,
Makes unfocused intent and endless lent
The anger to my happiness, happens when
Static hedonism of social individualism
Appears to repeat historic barriers.
“As she experienced the fall from her bike,
She was in pain but not in fright,
Until she was seen and then she screamed.”
The anger of my happiness
Accepts the moral poisons of society
With regularity of ideological botany.
While our ethic systems of devastation
Generate initial measures of uniformity.
Comparing the angry to my happy,
As the locus blooms once more than other flowers,
As the philosopher rejects his own dichotomy of philosophy,
As the individual accepts their living death; we must think thrice.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Cigarette Reflections

*Not my favorite, but a few images and similes make me want to have a cigarette... 


Relationships can be intra-additive, poison-like.
Creating damages via prolong inter-action.
Poison gives pleasure, with a side of decay.
It is hard to quit, but worth a clear day.
“My friend is dragging me down,
Co-workers dab me out,
My lover filters my words,
Parents pass their fixations,
Thinking the key is moderation.”
Dirt in my eyes,
A burn in my throat.
Did someone use my head as an ashtray?
Head feels like a bell ringing, every move.
Every movement, a cigarette burn.
Light shots of pain in my stomach.
Pokka dots of blur in my vision.
My fault for drinking,
Everything feels dry like smoke
Short fused temper.
Rain makes me a waste.
A rough shake makes me break.
A lot of hot air drags me down.
Started mellow white,
Became yellow bright.
I am a funnel of poison,
A channel of doom.
This my last piece of tar.
Becoming my habit, goes too far.

Friday, September 20, 2013

A Stopwatch - Two Versions

*This is one of my personal favorites of mine!
*A poetic guide to understanding the male desires of love
*1.0 - Stress was given any type of causal rhyme
*2.0 - More stress for syllables and full rhymes

A Stopwatch 1.0

The heart of a man,
Who gives a damn?

Why describe the bare beastly brutes?
Should ascribe men feminine spacesuits.


What analogy can make an apology for men's Deuteronomy?


It's a woman's job to click the watch,
A difficult task, easy to blotch.

His love for you is like child to a toy,
A temperamental character of Troy.

Every month or so, the watch starts,
Requires existential dimensions of Descartes.


Tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick...

Thinking with his dick,
Not always thoughtfully thick.

His mind must be distressed,
Kick him in his mental testes.

Play "Follow the Leader"
Although a Caesar, really, a breeder.

Be the leader which follows,
Guide him away from wallows and hollows.

Distractions from worldly attractions,
Evaluations of superficial relapses....

Demonstrate values of self worth:
Change, grow, learn and mirth.

 Tick, tick, tick, tick, tick....

Click the watch by contraction,
Protect him from self destruction.

Attention span of a goldfish.
Not simply fixed by his favorite dish...

Activities of shared interest,
For instance:

"Read a play to stray away from reality with mutuality."

Keep his mind distracted,
A little boy with his usual attractions...

Push and pull his desires,
Make him question heartily fires.

Tick, tick, tick, tick....

The heart of a man is pretty damn bland...

Being two steps ahead for the best of his head.

His motherly relations reflect emotional dictations....

Better get a pen, there is hard work ahead.

Tick, tick, tick...

The heart of a man is a stopwatch,
A woman must press stop and watch.

His love for you depends on timeless desires.
Desires are never based on esquires.

Lead him into new spacial realms,
So that his shiny armor whelms,

Tick, tick....

Content with timelessness,
Keep the love reckless for freshness.

Make frightful excitements,
Controlling the enlightenments.


Love is the issue,
Find shared virtue.


Stopwatch 2.0

The heart of man is a stopwatch
A woman must press stop and watch
Do not confuse the click and crotch

But, why describe bare beastly brutes?
Ascribe men feminine spacesuits
To explore their most inner roots

His hormones are the tock and tick,
He will be thinking with his dick...
A process which is not so thick

The love for you is like a toy
A roughneck character of Troy
But close intent, comes man from boy

Contempt for you as strong as elms,
Leads him into new spacial realms
So that his shiny armor whelms

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Communcation Dialogue

*A poem based off of the arguments here:

The dialogue can be renamed as - "The Golden This"


"Listen to my meanings, not my words"

Semantics have their own limitations!
Quickly analyzing suffers shallow anticipation
Resolving with many disqualifications,
Listen to more than the encryption and description.

Logical processing becomes flawed!
One plus one is all
Applying math to words makes the letters fall.
Some say "it's rational to make up laws"
Others say "as long as you do not draw the short straw."

Rhetorical disputes of cause and effort!
Rant, preach, teach or lecture,
To use a scapegoat or not, that is the tester.
Persuading, in nature, more righter or wronger?
Perhaps the divine pressure can make you stronger.


"Hey, how do you know this?"
"I feel as though I do"
"That does not mean you KNOW this!"
"It means the absolute truth exist within itself"
"What does that to do with this?"
"I do not have to remember the names of the researchers or theorist, or know them at all, I have to know what the goal is, and by extension this is in process and necessity of that"
"So you do not know this, but you think you know what the point of that is?"
"The same place you are looking to get, the singular point."
"What's the point?"
"Exactly - there may be no point, but most likely there is one. Just like this conversation, knowledge exist within communication abilities. I may not know the exact nature of this that will make you satisfied, but I do know when you have connected the dots which seem to not connect, you find more off the not-answers to make the answers more likely so."
"So.... you really do not know this?"
"This is relative to that, I know some of that and its supervenes on this, so I do, but not to your standards"
"Then why argue for this?"
"Because this is worth arguing for!"

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Yolo Philosophy; Frightful Attachments

*I hate the idea of 'yolo' and usually do not talk to the people who use it seriously or even half-seriously. But, hey, I am an asshole.


Lazy love lightening up loose likelihoods with loosening laughter
Offering outlandishly obtuse and obvious opinions with opponents.
Loudly laying low; looking at the light can cause fright.

What walking widows will witness... the wonders of the water;
The thoughts towards time tethers transcendence in tedious tendencies...
Futuristic features forming fragile fragments of fantasies, most frightful. Fuck.

Sardonic sarcasm seems singularly simple! Spectrum of shades share similar shallow standards.
The thinking is too thin? Thick thinking? Thinking about thinking? Or never worry about thinking?
Frightened of fear!! Folly features of flag fighting. Feeling for foes, forms fucked up formulations.
Underneath, underlining and uninterrupted, all earthlings are united under universal frightenings.

Friday, September 13, 2013

The Nerdy Embrace!

To be bored is a crime,
Cliche enough to waste time?

Unexamined mind is a waste,
Using thoughts to make haste
Further creates neural waste.

You get high from thought initializing;
Your brain's euphoric mechanizing
Activates when there are fluids crystallizing.

Fallen so far, our cultural thoughts have...
Yoda would be sad...
Embody thoughts of the Jedi, explore the Force!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Cleavage; The Open Mystery

*For me there is a controversy of why women enjoy showing off the little crevice between their breast.  Women proclaim the look is for fashion purposes - I feel as though they are lying and practice cleavage adjusting to in fact attempt to draw male eyes towards them by means of their chest.  Yet, I do not know! This poem is just about comparing cleavage to other objects..

Corsets and push up bras... inspiring jaw drops and wonder awe's...

Zoomed in baby bottoms,
Stashed away water balloons made of puppy ears,
Constrained velvet cushions,

"Motor boat the eternal abyss!" 

Magnetizing my visual decisions... wishing for x-ray vision...


Women say "cute lumps!" men say "c-cups!"

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

2 Haikus

Snow over ocean,
Avalanche in the distance,
Witnessed silences.

Wildebeest moaning,
Yawning in the morning dust,
Listened imagery.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Comparing Cosmic Consciousness

*Aliens do exist - humanoid animals for another planet, potentially thousands to millions of years older.  Whether you believe that or not, is your issue, not mine. However, to even slightly consider this truth, their existence calls into question our normative life styles.


Are we alone on the journey of supernatural contemplation?
Is our planet, and its inhabitants being questioned by ancient aliens?
Masters of the animal kingdom, on earth, what about the universe?

Who are they in our conception, giant tortoises...
What do they find contentment in, Lord Jesus...
Where are our cosmic cousins making coitus
When will our cultures collide and coddle
Why would they converse, and not anal fondle?

Properties of earthlings;
ape ancestry
existential drives
pragmatic patternist
verbal communicationist

How are their living conditions: daisies or lotus'?
Have they began to question their own focus?
How are ours? Have we? Don't choke the artist

We have ignorance paralleled to bliss, mass death, poor disproportion of feed,
children suicides, social theft, gang violence and (did I mention) corporatized greed?

Transcending these short comings for the benefit of future humans! But how?

The nature of our conditions and practiced conducts should be compared to our cosmic cousins; looking for aliens with analogous faces, places and sensations with advanced economic fascinations.”

Seeking Star Trek sanctity:
Satisfying celestial insecurities
Searching for secrets of the stars
Warp speed star-ships sailing soundlessly

Steer the spaceship towards the nearest exoplanet,
and GO!
Off into the unknown!
Off to the next Goldilock Zone!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Red Gatorade in Spring Time; Totally H2O

Sprinting through a crowded stadium,
totally silent.
Sweating vibrant yellow soft drink,
totally normal.
Playing chicken with another,
totally going to win.
We clash into one another,
totally replaced by soft drink explosion.

Cut to next scene,
totally a basketball player.
Go for a lay up,
totally jumped 5 feet high.
Sweating vibrant red soft drink,
totally normal.
The opposing team sweat blue,
totally weird.

Climbing a mountain,
totally blasting music.
It's freezing cold up here,
totally still sweating.
It's aqua-blue Gatorade!
totally say hey-hey-hey!
Do not forget,
water totally sucks.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Beyond Anthropology

*This poem is more so dialogue - the idea is the first person believes they are unique/special, while the second person tries to establish the antithesis and synthesis of such a belief of anthropism.


Hypocritical tendencies clash fiercely
while the self meets the societal normality
which inhibits every decision naturally
within constructed functions of actuality.

"They do not represent me,
They represent every body else"

"Are you apart or a part of every body else?"

"Neither apart or a part of every body else,
Simply a conscious objector"

"So you are a part while apart?"

"One could phrase it in such a way"

"So you are the worse type of civilian;
While you claim citizenship but reject civil action,
Which is the root of any system to civilly react
Within the realms of political interaction."

"How dare you! I pay taxes and tributes!"

"Taxation is a lot like charity,
without representation there is no clarity
of whom actually benefits from the divinity"

"Then you believe man's innate evil?"

"No my dear sir, we have a drive to survive
at any means necessary to protect our stockpiles...
The choice is ours, but we are unaware of all of our choices...
To say we are innate evil is to assume we know what evil is innately."

"Then what would you say is at the root of human nature?"

"The continual struggle between self identification and societal recognition"


"There is no self without relations
WE are limited to social dictations."

Friday, September 6, 2013

Pretentious Patterns

*The italic text is the universality of human limits and flaws
*The regular text is dialogue between two girls talking behind another girl's back
*Some of these lines will reappear; this poem was a compilation - it's not very good

As life grows we make biases
Alters beliefs of silences
"What did you mean she doesn't dream?"
"Her thoughts are shallow and unclean!"
False affections create self lies,
Deep awareness destroys these guises.

"Maybe you don't agree with her?"
"How can I? Just look at that hair!"
Copying unremittingly;
Mirroring friends and family.
"Isn't that your mother's style?"
"My mom is a bird with guile!"
The band wagon is natural
Hard to resist such faculty.
 "I guess you're right, she is a mess!"
"Told you so! Just look at her sweat!"

Words are used to convey thoughts,
When thoughts are grasped, words get lost.
"What was her first offense to you?"
"I don't know, was always askew"

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

I Am Here!

There there I am here
No more reason to tear
Avoid the pain, and cheer!
You are alive and have fears
Why avoid that dear?
To value life is to share
Moments of despair

The Historic and Philosophic Use of Magic - 101

“A magical spell is made by powerful syllables or phrases which activate special neural activity of the brain - the use of artifacts, groups and celestial positions warrant a stronger connection between the spell and brain activity."

As far as how the spells work, first think about Latin and Greek prefixes. Meta. Mono. Poly. And what they do for communication, is what they do for the mind. They allow connections to be made faster in order to use general concepts as means of expression (for example: meta means above and beyond). However, communication is more than just language and using language. Its why you use language, how, why again, where, when you decide to use certain language. Communication thinking at the highest peek of practice allows one to manipulate the universe around them. Usually more people get more magic done. Many minds out match a few any day. Use of items, like stones full of earthly energy, would enhance over all ability with spell usage.

During spell usage thoughts and people being a poetic and logistical yin yang. We are the unit of self thought, to control more than ourselves means converging yourself with nature entirely. Almost impossible. Imagine using imagination and imagining magic to be possible. And knowing that to be true. That's the first step to using magic. For more advance usage of magic Рgroups may be needed to form with synchronized agenda. As the clich̩ goes Рthose who worship the devil usually meet in covens in order to have harmony as well as more mind-power behind their desired spells. Well besides the popular misconception of 'devil-worshiping' which very few people actually mean to do in context of Lucifer, these witches are actually drawing power from nature and not evil spirits. Do not get fooled, there are those who try to summon evil forces. However, in the norm, as far as these things go, they are using themselves as the instruments (they are the devil) in order to worship (passionate attempts of manipulation) the powers beyond them; nature harnessing. The usual activity of these individuals is done in light of wanting to empower themselves, whether that be individually or grouped power, in order to grow stronger either physically or mentally. The usual results of these trials is the impression, these acts are far beyond most human minds and takes a very special intelligence to enact; one must have a natural mentality in order to tap into the awe mighty of nature..

 Celestial positioning needs to be noted in relation to desired results of spell, enchantment, curse, etc.

Also - whatever one would understand as KARMA - the idea is similar to vibes and individual chi-forces. 

How well a spell effect another person (or persons) depends on the variable of their energy forces as well as the casters.  Good, bad and/or neutral natures are required to be understood for both parties to be effected.  How well a spell draws energy from the universe, and depending on the above again, is the intent of the spell. Where are the directions of necessity being drawn from?

All of these things are to be noted as ambiguous, and for continued understanding of magic spell usage - reference the specific type of magic one so desires to use and also the historic foundation of where that developed practice came from..

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Soul's Recognition

As though you must swim to me!
The water is deep within.

You cannot drown, but there may be frowns.
May the waves carry me to you.

In the midst of the stream,
Naked drips of water.
Felt flowers dehydrated,
But the moon makes them bloom.

I give you my flowers
Because they were meant for you,
And you are holding my hand
Your eyes, lips carry me to you...

In the midst of the stream,
Naked drips of water.
I clasp the flowers to my breast - they crumble.
What brings death, follows life.

I give you my flowers
Because you are beautiful,
And you are holding my hand
Your soul has grabbed mine, I am yours.

110 Thoughts

*This is one of my favorite poems from college. 
*Each two lines, drop a syllable.
*It was designed to be universal so that anyone can be the voice.
Mild disbelief of reality
What is real is my actuality.
My eyes are young but my mind is sharp
Judged by age and not by the art.
One of the TRUE minority
Beliefs in REAL equality.
Simplicity is the word
Going beyond something learned.
Connections of morals
Form the best of values.

What do we all need?
Love, health, sleep, and feed.
Life is the rest
Wants are unrest,
Are freedom
Based on
What's real.