Saturday, September 7, 2013

Beyond Anthropology

*This poem is more so dialogue - the idea is the first person believes they are unique/special, while the second person tries to establish the antithesis and synthesis of such a belief of anthropism.


Hypocritical tendencies clash fiercely
while the self meets the societal normality
which inhibits every decision naturally
within constructed functions of actuality.

"They do not represent me,
They represent every body else"

"Are you apart or a part of every body else?"

"Neither apart or a part of every body else,
Simply a conscious objector"

"So you are a part while apart?"

"One could phrase it in such a way"

"So you are the worse type of civilian;
While you claim citizenship but reject civil action,
Which is the root of any system to civilly react
Within the realms of political interaction."

"How dare you! I pay taxes and tributes!"

"Taxation is a lot like charity,
without representation there is no clarity
of whom actually benefits from the divinity"

"Then you believe man's innate evil?"

"No my dear sir, we have a drive to survive
at any means necessary to protect our stockpiles...
The choice is ours, but we are unaware of all of our choices...
To say we are innate evil is to assume we know what evil is innately."

"Then what would you say is at the root of human nature?"

"The continual struggle between self identification and societal recognition"


"There is no self without relations
WE are limited to social dictations."

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