Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Chaos in the Norm

*How do you live your normal day life compared to the lives around the world?


Signal divine demons
Chariots of the damn.
Ten digits and a pause
"Pick me up, please"
Lucid smoke steadily rising
From the yellow and black dixy dixan.
Climbed into the death trap,
"Take me to the tomb stones."
Driving past consumer zombies
Sheeple and proud... They say!
Here comes the mark...
"30 pounds of rice is the fare."
The interstate dangerously explores
While our perspectives implode
Kneeling on dirt that could be a home,
"Instead of life growing, you get to live, dead."

Unable to toss aside old fashions of behavior
Living in a world where there are no norms
Ignorance allows us happiness in bliss,
A 10 dollar lunch is two days of meals for another.

Bringing order to this world will follow pain and sorrow,
Acceptable loses for the future to enjoy the contrary.

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