Saturday, September 21, 2013

Cigarette Reflections

*Not my favorite, but a few images and similes make me want to have a cigarette... 


Relationships can be intra-additive, poison-like.
Creating damages via prolong inter-action.
Poison gives pleasure, with a side of decay.
It is hard to quit, but worth a clear day.
“My friend is dragging me down,
Co-workers dab me out,
My lover filters my words,
Parents pass their fixations,
Thinking the key is moderation.”
Dirt in my eyes,
A burn in my throat.
Did someone use my head as an ashtray?
Head feels like a bell ringing, every move.
Every movement, a cigarette burn.
Light shots of pain in my stomach.
Pokka dots of blur in my vision.
My fault for drinking,
Everything feels dry like smoke
Short fused temper.
Rain makes me a waste.
A rough shake makes me break.
A lot of hot air drags me down.
Started mellow white,
Became yellow bright.
I am a funnel of poison,
A channel of doom.
This my last piece of tar.
Becoming my habit, goes too far.

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