Sunday, September 22, 2013

Happiness to My Anger: Rejecting Social-Dualisms

*Social-Dualism - the choice between having to conform to one idea or another in a societal, cultural and/or communal situation (whether momentary or permanently)


The anger to my happiness
Requests poisonous management of joy,
Scheduling societal psychiatric conforms.
Witnesses others building wallows,
While soothing toxins softly satisfy.
The anger to my happiness
Is an overarching deadly sickness
As the photo to the synthesis;
Pigment'ing leaves flow towards their fathers,
Existing in mystic disciplines of depiction and description.
The anger to my happiness:
Induction into the secret society of self destruction.
Initionary payments of wrongful conduct...
Ignoring us as animals having a drive to survive,
Makes unfocused intent and endless lent
The anger to my happiness, happens when
Static hedonism of social individualism
Appears to repeat historic barriers.
“As she experienced the fall from her bike,
She was in pain but not in fright,
Until she was seen and then she screamed.”
The anger of my happiness
Accepts the moral poisons of society
With regularity of ideological botany.
While our ethic systems of devastation
Generate initial measures of uniformity.
Comparing the angry to my happy,
As the locus blooms once more than other flowers,
As the philosopher rejects his own dichotomy of philosophy,
As the individual accepts their living death; we must think thrice.

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