Monday, September 23, 2013

Mapping Masters

*This poem was written in about 30 - 40 minutes at a bar.  I was going to perform a poem, but couldn't, so I had to come up with this one on the spot - I used it the follow week.

*My thoughts here are we are such patterned creatures, we do not realize how often we are susceptible towards unnoticed patterns..


Wrote this in a hour, drunk with a lot of help from random people around me:
Marble desires of social-al-ity

Lefty fire of popularity

Sheeple sheperding shaggy societies...

Popular politics! Polarizing possible people-isms, potentially...

The Osamas, Obamas, Bin Lan Dins, Muhammads, Joshuas, Moshuas, Jonas.....
Musical mutuality... Multiplying modes... of mystical monarchy...

Al' Gore allegories of analogical asylum associations access arithmetical [and] acceptable acid-base absolutes

Rebels un-relating in relative realities with recent reasons of reactions relating to real social realities...

These equation of this presentation, is a consummation of the manipulation of our Great, American, Nation

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