Friday, September 6, 2013

Pretentious Patterns

*The italic text is the universality of human limits and flaws
*The regular text is dialogue between two girls talking behind another girl's back
*Some of these lines will reappear; this poem was a compilation - it's not very good

As life grows we make biases
Alters beliefs of silences
"What did you mean she doesn't dream?"
"Her thoughts are shallow and unclean!"
False affections create self lies,
Deep awareness destroys these guises.

"Maybe you don't agree with her?"
"How can I? Just look at that hair!"
Copying unremittingly;
Mirroring friends and family.
"Isn't that your mother's style?"
"My mom is a bird with guile!"
The band wagon is natural
Hard to resist such faculty.
 "I guess you're right, she is a mess!"
"Told you so! Just look at her sweat!"

Words are used to convey thoughts,
When thoughts are grasped, words get lost.
"What was her first offense to you?"
"I don't know, was always askew"

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