Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The Historic and Philosophic Use of Magic - 101

“A magical spell is made by powerful syllables or phrases which activate special neural activity of the brain - the use of artifacts, groups and celestial positions warrant a stronger connection between the spell and brain activity."

As far as how the spells work, first think about Latin and Greek prefixes. Meta. Mono. Poly. And what they do for communication, is what they do for the mind. They allow connections to be made faster in order to use general concepts as means of expression (for example: meta means above and beyond). However, communication is more than just language and using language. Its why you use language, how, why again, where, when you decide to use certain language. Communication thinking at the highest peek of practice allows one to manipulate the universe around them. Usually more people get more magic done. Many minds out match a few any day. Use of items, like stones full of earthly energy, would enhance over all ability with spell usage.

During spell usage thoughts and people being a poetic and logistical yin yang. We are the unit of self thought, to control more than ourselves means converging yourself with nature entirely. Almost impossible. Imagine using imagination and imagining magic to be possible. And knowing that to be true. That's the first step to using magic. For more advance usage of magic – groups may be needed to form with synchronized agenda. As the cliché goes – those who worship the devil usually meet in covens in order to have harmony as well as more mind-power behind their desired spells. Well besides the popular misconception of 'devil-worshiping' which very few people actually mean to do in context of Lucifer, these witches are actually drawing power from nature and not evil spirits. Do not get fooled, there are those who try to summon evil forces. However, in the norm, as far as these things go, they are using themselves as the instruments (they are the devil) in order to worship (passionate attempts of manipulation) the powers beyond them; nature harnessing. The usual activity of these individuals is done in light of wanting to empower themselves, whether that be individually or grouped power, in order to grow stronger either physically or mentally. The usual results of these trials is the impression, these acts are far beyond most human minds and takes a very special intelligence to enact; one must have a natural mentality in order to tap into the awe mighty of nature..

 Celestial positioning needs to be noted in relation to desired results of spell, enchantment, curse, etc.

Also - whatever one would understand as KARMA - the idea is similar to vibes and individual chi-forces. 

How well a spell effect another person (or persons) depends on the variable of their energy forces as well as the casters.  Good, bad and/or neutral natures are required to be understood for both parties to be effected.  How well a spell draws energy from the universe, and depending on the above again, is the intent of the spell. Where are the directions of necessity being drawn from?

All of these things are to be noted as ambiguous, and for continued understanding of magic spell usage - reference the specific type of magic one so desires to use and also the historic foundation of where that developed practice came from..

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