Saturday, September 14, 2013

Yolo Philosophy; Frightful Attachments

*I hate the idea of 'yolo' and usually do not talk to the people who use it seriously or even half-seriously. But, hey, I am an asshole.


Lazy love lightening up loose likelihoods with loosening laughter
Offering outlandishly obtuse and obvious opinions with opponents.
Loudly laying low; looking at the light can cause fright.

What walking widows will witness... the wonders of the water;
The thoughts towards time tethers transcendence in tedious tendencies...
Futuristic features forming fragile fragments of fantasies, most frightful. Fuck.

Sardonic sarcasm seems singularly simple! Spectrum of shades share similar shallow standards.
The thinking is too thin? Thick thinking? Thinking about thinking? Or never worry about thinking?
Frightened of fear!! Folly features of flag fighting. Feeling for foes, forms fucked up formulations.
Underneath, underlining and uninterrupted, all earthlings are united under universal frightenings.

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