Wednesday, October 9, 2013

ABC's of Singularity

*Try to catch the theme :-X


Applying automatic adaptations. Atomizing authority.
Becoming beastly; based bare barbarians.
Colonizing collaborations, collectively conscious contracts.
Denying demons, demoralizing dogmas... Destructive.
Erratically eating earthly elements, evilly.

Forever following fathers for faith.
Giant groups growing gangly generalities.
Honor holding hinders honest happenings.
Ignorant imbeciles igniting instant incites.
Justifiable jackassery jousting jungle jargons.

Keeping kindness. Knowledgeably knotting killers.
Loving ladies, leading longevity lessons.
Movements making mothers more masterful.
Nomadic necessities, now neurotic normalities.
Open obsessions of omitting opportunity.

People, please, pause pollution practices.
Quietly, quickly, quitting quarterly qualities.
Respectful responses repeat revolutionary requirements.
Seeking socialization, satisfies self stasis.
Toss tyrants towards the tides.

Unveil universal unity, unleash unanimity
Valuing validations, veering vulnerable visions.
Worldly worries, while wonderfully wasted.
X-ray xeroxing xanax'd xanthic xenophobia
Your youthful yoga - Yoke-less young-lings.

Zen zooming zaps zealous zeitgeist.

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