Sunday, October 20, 2013

Inner Dialogue

I am no one special. I only am told I am special by others. Who I am is no different than who you are, the difference is I try to express how alike I am with others. Anyone can say these words but I decided to say them now and you are reading them now. Does that make me better than you? No and yes. While you agree and say 'I can say that', you didn't. Don't be afraid to write your thoughts. Write your inner most thoughts. They may prove not creative to everyone. They may even be considered shallow, stupid and naive. But after that criticism you will be ready to be the contrary in manners which excel your own imagination. Einstein said it best. "Logic takes you from point a to b. Imagination takes you everywhere." Be not afraid of looking like an outcast, we all feel that way it's normal. Be afraid to accept that you know YOUrself, because at the moment of time you think you know who you are you, will actually prevent from truly doing so. You are the imageless image, reflecting others in order to find yourself... Anyone can say any of these words but no one has. Does that make them original? no. They have already been thought but perhaps not written down. Doesn't make them the first but it makes them a reiteration. All I have said is we are all the same. But some try harder to be different, to be like others without knowing they are performing these thoughts and actions to be more alike with others. I know this, it is time we all did in ontology. In verbal communication and just not on the inside. We all want the same basic things. What separates is the fear of dictating the above.

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