Friday, October 18, 2013


*Think about the bottle at the bar...


Swung towards a face
Best done at a pace.
Living life in a mesh
Before I am smashed.
Bringing happiness by the sip
Tipped over; drip, drip, drip.
Eventual hollow shells,
Make drunk chicks yell!
Perceptual void,
Eventual droid.
Emptiness of the borracho
Outlasting the tides of the gulf,
Shaming the loneliest gull.

Who am I but sand cooked,
Making others have a better look.
Sharing a carbon base,
Only one of us are shit faced.
My existence is short lived,
But the damage is swift.

I may break in a pile of others,
No different than the drinking face.
Although I do not last,
Neither does his cash.
Bought on credit,
Still the same debit.

Feelings may change as we leave,
Not accomplished but relieved.
Last call, thank god.
My fellow brothers alive
Only to know I have to dive.

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