Tuesday, January 14, 2014

From Zen to ameriCAN:

"To study Buddhism is to study ourselves. To study ourselves is to forget ourselves." - Dogen

Buddhism is the practice of forgetting ourselves.Yet, this is a Zen master... Daoism is an essential influence of Zen practice. Seems over simplification could avert thinking in one direction instead of multiple. Forgetting ourselves... The idea is innately Zen, but Zen came later in history, so what is it innately? Maintaining effortlessly a divergence of mind... but, not really.

Buddhism involves the 'self' and efforts of discipline to assert the lessons upon oneself. Daoism, in a sense, doing the same thing but with regards to the 'balances of nature' - non-extremism, middlism, metaphysical neutralism... The real difference is nature v nurture... Buddhist approach achieving enlightenment through self and nature - Daoism the same but through nature and self. Different procedures, make different worlds of thought.  Zen exist within the procedure, never surfacing unless to note a static procedure... A constant consistency...

Reflecting on either side of the coin will get you further away from knowing what the ridges are like.

Zen is innately a difficult topic to define - a lot, a lot of history and master from the past... attempting to define or express the school of thought that is Zen Buddhism...

Contradictions do not exist, paradoxes are what you learn from, and knowing you cannot ever fully know ... would be a good mentality to practice Zen in... But, the tradition of solely worrying about what only earlier Buddhist masters said, is intolerable. There are so many philosophers in history which have 'Zen' thoughts without knowing or ever hearing the word. Ancient Stoics for example. Why limit your education of history to just one thought practice when their are so many available? Browse them all! Figure out which says the message best for you.

** I am no expert but this is how I feel in my understanding of the above.

Be a beatnik...

"Americans should know the universe itself as a road, as many roads, as roads for traveling souls."
-Walt Whitman

Just don't do all the acid...

Be divergent, you can apply yourself into more things without changing who you want to be... ultimately, however, being divergent will change you. Divergence of thought is essential to being the master of yourself... Achieving Buddha.

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