Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Learning How to Meditate

I plan on using this poem in a book one day!

Be rested, now hunt the unrest,
Sunrise for pleasant stimuli,
Fasting keeps body stimulant,
Unwind distraught thought processes.
Breathe silenced, arrowing the spine,
Crisscross legs, hands plate above thighs.
Aim to stop distractions, clear mind,
Strive for lucidity. Shut eyes.
Do not reflect on, think over,
Desire, will, and self-prophecy;
Contradicting paradoxes.
End thoughts; momentary delusions.
Inhale; absorb divine nature.
Ex - ; seek dormant serenity.
Respire; inside lay all answers,
Find 'em, flex 'em, distinguish 'em.
Focus on the lotus flower,
Concentrate on its perspective.
Exchange lives with plant, switch ego,
Replace self's soul with lotus' goal.

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