Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Playing With His Hair

ALSO - 'Playing With Her Hair' -  except instead of 'childish brute' should be replaced, with what ... ? Is the question.

Playing with his hair;
Wondering if he's there.

Childishly brute
In prey of my grasp.

Unconditional infatuation
Drives motivation of desire.

Whispering "Love Me"

Staring fear in the face -
Loving distaste.

The foul beast
Endangering my esteem,
He does nothing but dream.

What permeates his mind?
Life goals?
Memories? Me?

Do I violate your mind as you do mine?

While cherished, hated.
Although loved, regretted.

Showing signs of love,
Then moments of hate.

You divide my thoughts -
I hatingly love you.
. . . . .

Playing with his hair;
Does he really care?

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