Thursday, January 2, 2014

Simplicity, is Not so Simple...

"I live in three worlds" - To be continued....

Your world, the one we are all responding to cognitively and through societal norms; wake up at an alarm life style - fall a sleep to do it all over again. Finding happiness or knowledge to fulfill meaning - to satisfy our metaphysical desires.

The second, a world of the platinum rule - being adaptable and treating people like they expect to be treated rather than how I expect to be treated myself. Never being extreme in any thought. - God; pure good, all knowing, all wise, and caring. God made us to be like God, not just to talk about God - but to study and figure out his nature. The nature of God, is singularity in the sense of striving to be unified and to bring God to everyone born. To create our own things in Gods image. Not to manipulate it soully, but to work with nature. The Nature. Philosophy is the oldest way in which to understand nature, hard belief systems were developed and traditionalized, then science was culturized. Both now today make their own belief systems and cultures vigorously. Philosophy depicts God, words and ideas and beliefs. To not work in the broadest of terms w/ the simplest of understandings, we cannot be looking in the entire scope of God's nature. Science brings to light the simplest of understandings. It is up to the men creating paradigms that guide what those simple understanding create. There simple because man can manipulate the idea of them, and perhaps the physical object that the understanding is consistent of - in order to change, learn, and create. There are lines that should not be crossed in the name of knowledge, however, if everyone is aware, watching, concerned, etc. on the line crossing... that is playing God also. To know everything about nature, individually - as a whole, is to be setting the path to be with God. It is a path, it is not just an A to B process. Constantly we must be able to adapt and be able to respond in good moral behavior in order to be with God. God is nature in the sense that we must work with God in order to be with, understand, accept God; each other as a single species designed for something more than just finding happiness, but with making sure everyone else does not experience great sorrow. That we may be able to concentrate more on following God in knowing, goodness, purity, and wisdom. Too not seek and perform these things, to only perform them with a select group, to only be selfish with these words... Isn't being with God. How it can be exoteric with knowledge of the nature of God? Private studies of behavior towards advertisements are an example of this; what sells best to kids, teenagers, etc. This is actually how the platinum rule is abused, by using knowledge of others against them to manipulate our thinking... This, is evil... To sell candy and unhealthy food to kids and altering their developing psyches for profit! No goodness here, yeah it is "smart" but an abuse of wisdom... Wisdom that could be used in a direct of inspiring children to get educated, to set paths of self improvement, and even perhaps to want to assist each other in doing so - that subliminal messaging, to make kids improve themselves cognitively... That is wrong? Wouldn't be doing that anyways with the best of education programs? Then that is right?

This world, is in the middle, for good reason. God is the nature of singularity - this word, how it is defined, how it is perceived will depend on who you are as a person. God is unique to us all, but at the foundation of us all, is a human spirit. God is a reflection of us, as we are a reflection of God. This world, even truth is probably not entirely true. The left or right are not the only options. There are an infinite amount of possibilities in this world - let's make the better ones happen base off of the nature of God - not what we think immediately is better because they make us happy, but, what will always make everyone happy. Yin and yang philosophy. Balances. In this world, evil can be done for goodness sakes. Do the ends justify the means? Is there really ever an end? Why does history repeat itself? What is justful? What is wise and wisdom? Where do I find all of these answers? Can we ever be done questioning and be with God?

A life, helping those who you have never met before. Trying to better people you can never meet due to you being gone from this place. There are so many ways to help the people of this world with just knowledge... Never mind money. Knowledge can build a world far better; trading knowledge for knowledge sakes? Entirely unrealistic in the first world – not in the second world...

An argumentative point on charity;

We enjoy giving to others who have less, even if it is a cigarette or some spare change.
But on a communal scale... one which requires economic, demographics and social policies... 
When we give charity to a third world country... In the long run it turns out those who donate can do more harm than good. Ignoring the clear corruption of the majority of  charity organizations, the non-profit corporations - sure. And focusing on the entire idea of itself - charity on a national premise.

  1. You are a laborer in a 'third world country'. Your job is to collect and clean resources in order for the local 'tailor' or 'tailor company' to make clothing. A donation comes in from the a non-profit organization; it is clothing. Now, this donation has taken three or more jobs away from local workers and the community as a whole.
  2. Same goes for food and other trade goods.
Without the ability to develop an economy within a local or foreign trading system or market... These small countries have no chance of being able to build and develop into larger more complex systems able to provide more social choices for citizens
Donations are in a sense crippling their ability to compete in this capitalistic world. 
We are a world based on economics of money marketing and profiting from hard-work and labor involving the concepts of what monetary exchange provides... More profit of money. 
________ Here exist a thought which will not be specifically described. A thought which is an 'A to Z complex', in its own right, has been expressed in countless ways by many of individuals.  The complex is the sort of thing which is painted by varieties of perspectives._____________________
This is because happiness took the wheel; optimism suggesting that one must realize part of life is self actualization and how socially acceptable we are... Are my questions leading me away or towards certain groups? Are my ideas placing me with certain people or are certain people placing ideas in me?

A question always leads to more questions in the world... God is not one answer, but many. Nature is a cycle, it changes, adapts, evolves... We must pursue that in the idea/image of God. Admitting mistakes and making sure they do not repeat.

And the third - a world where both meet in harmony for the benefit of the evolution of man. For my children's children. So, that maybe in this life time I can live to 100. And be in the fraction of human being that has done so in this generation and time era.

I recognize strongly there are a multitudinous amount of philosophies, religions, and other forms of belief systems exist. However what they all have in common, relation, and at the foundation are what the golden, silver, and platinum rule ATTEMPT to allow. No more attempts, let's figure out what is preventing us with allowing every human on this planet, God. Why we must deny God to a child - by chance vs. determination - being born in S. Africa... Why her? Possibly has a brain of Einstein potential, dying of a stray bullet from militant violence... I cannot be fully happy as a human being when I know this is a story that is on repeat. I regain my euphoria by writing these words to you, anyone reading what I have to say. These aren't just my words, but a collection of words and ideas from various philosophers all over the world in history... A lesson of how, what, and how not to think are in history and can be adapted to be in our terms today; many philosopher cultures do just that.

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