Thursday, January 2, 2014

Universal Lies; Intra-lying

Just some more existential inquiry :-X

Confused but not alone,
within thoughts and sins.
But, I did nothing except love.
Love is honesty, it is truth.
Yet lies are the norm, the average.
When is lying, hatred? Hating, a lie?
Lying for jobs, sex, and one's self worth,
justified by the means.
Lies create more lies of esteem.
Rather an enemy of state,
than a product of hate.
I will not lie, I will not hate.
Fake it 'til you make it.
Strive for the lucidity of details, doing what it is, you desire,
and what's stopping you, is you.
Pretend to be what you require.
Practice makes perfect, jump into it, be a fine liar.
I will not hate, I will not lie.
Are falsehoods, lies?
Are there degrees of truth, to lay?
Are we what makes a lie, a lie?
Where are the guidelines?
When should I lie?

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