Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Was just gonna free write... and then it came out as a criticism of religious practice...

Laptop sitting on a bunch of books
Should open and take a look...

Shattered streams of literal images organized in lyrical chaos. Zen men long dead living no lighter. A pop-psychologist presses on the issue of the spirit laugh. Th ph on ee ne tonic thought after tutoring T's and toddlers all today. A book about different life hacks, number one hack life.

Fucking poem isn't longest to post
Will not work too hard to end this line with the word toast
I need to say writing is my calling with no protest
Not nearly as worried about listening


To do or not to do, being isn't a choice we have but make it anyways... Clergyman these nuts because somebody standing Sundays, whilst I knee willingly? Well well with great guarded angst... I say to you computer screen "Clergy these nuts." There be a God he cares here nor there the time nor hour place and day... Plenty of people believe in Jesus but would never live his life style... Stereotyping the significant Saharan grizzly brown savior puts him in a place where privilege don't mean much to most. That feminist son-of-a-bitch definitely wouldn't want a country built after him.. Let alone a religion... That's the clergyman. Being good and doing good is done by doing and being. We have no choice to do or not to do, but we have a choice to try to make it the good choice. Does that make it right? Well that's this newly nasty notion that requires naming and nagging at the fact we are all neanderthals and nature's neutral. Nothing is something once you got something to say about it. Maybe it's not the right choice, but is it a good one? Would the God you have faith in, send you to hell for not believing we are the most special animals on this animated orbiting ecosystem? We couldn't breathe the air when dinosaurs roamed the earth, our ancestors were the rats.. We are still rats but now we can massively produce and sell rat robots that run around on a wheel.. their called humans. A human telling another human what's good or bad is what a human ought to do.. Hey hypocrite get those hippies hopping on out of here we have serious human business to do.  That phrase is so impartial to the imperfections of imbeciles ... hypocrites... talking about the love of God but how some don't deserve it... I am a hypocrite... you should eat healthy and diet, work out and be active, practice your hobbies and make time for your friends, and if you know, see, think, feel or find out I don't do so... does that make them not the things to do? It's what's right, it's good. Clergyman no more... take turns, stand up, preaching and teaching and sharing wisdom.. that's the real reason we rush to religion... reign in on others in their obnoxiously organized observations... Open up the hearts of herdsmen and the arms of armies.. Philosophize poetry to the point of peeking into the purest perspective.. To do or not to do, being isn't a choice we have but make it anyways... it involves others wanting to be led while they lead.