Saturday, May 3, 2014

Hemispheric Thinking

I believe our mind is in a constant battle between 'the pragmatist' and 'the existentialist' both whom are trying to take charge, but, never gets a chance to entirely lead the psyche.  Yet, depending on the individual, some let one side of the battle win more than the others.  What you look at more often may dictate which is winning for you. The gestalt aesthetics is for the existentialist, and the atomistic biases is for the pragmatist. 



Looking at the body, not their eyes and mind; gestalt aesthetics -

"She speaks; sounds of splendid solstice.
Her status; spoils safely seeking solitary sorrows.
She's a sexy solid of spontaneous serenity."

Shallow shades of sinister sharing of self...
Selfishly satisfying superficial states of mind.

Looking at the first few sentiments, not their system of thoughts; atomistic biases -

"He heard heralds heeding hierarchic hypocrisies.
His heart harbors holed hostilities; hasty hindering.
He's content having higher headlines of helpfulness."

Hideous highlighting hardens hierarchies...
Hold holistic heavenly hobbies of desires.

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