Saturday, May 3, 2014

We Paint Reality With Perception, Use More Color.

From the womb to the tomb we progress
on our quest to paint on the walls of our fortress.
With the colors of perception we make defense
while we manage our supplies with residence.
These carefully covered walls become pretense
for an everlasting battle to defend our importance.
"Fortune favors those who are cautious"
is what we tell ourselves to be flawless.
Gorgeous half-truths and lies is thoughtless
when we compare to the formless forest within us...
 Let one's corpus be the focus of our painted fortress
mimicking the art from the formless chorus is heartless.

Drop the brush that is your mind and flow to the spirit that is your canvas.

We tend to double the paintings witnessed on the walls in the halls' of those who care for us. Our allies become our fair eyes and guide us in the theory needed to clearly find our illusions and lies. Going and going we do not stop to realize we are cataloging our own demise... Eclectic aptitudes make way to cherry pick the finer designs of most peoples' mind. If we find the time to rationalize we may just claim what we want - "this could use some color lime." Try new colors, experiment with methods, figure what works best for this never ending quest to paint on walls of the fortress for defense with the pretense there will be dissonant offense.  We paint reality with perception it does not have be to fend off opposition. Use your art to attract fellows while letting others say their hellos. Embrace the love that comes with not knowing so that you can find what is worth not flowing towards while you continue to paint on the walls in the halls of your fortress. 

Your art is your brain, the brush is your mind, and the spirit is your canvas.

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