Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Transhumanist Dialogue between an ignostic transtheist, a gnostic theist, and an agnostic atheist

AA - Agnostic Atheist, IT - Ignostic Transtheist, GT - Gnostic Theist

AA: "...But transhumanism already assumes there is no god except the man made meme people are warped in believing by corrupt religious leaders and misunderstood interpretation over the centuries."

IT: "No it assumes that is what is wrong with modern religions, not the conclusion there is no God. Merely, that the inquiry involved should be expanded and improved. What is God? What does it mean that God created us? How do we know if that means there is a plan? And not just an origin?

The idea of "ancient aliens" interrupting natural evolution for slaves to clones to experiments. Why not? Could make sense of the old religions. Makes you think.. Why don't people question God more than tell people to believe in God? Just talk to me about how you feel about the topic... I'll tell you how everyone, even those who talk about not believing In a God, feel similar about the topic.

It's a matter of questioning ones morality often as well. A topic no stranger to neo-atheist I may add."

GT: "I don't feel that label is appropriate to general the movement of atheism today, I think it is merely collective conscious at work. It just so happens to be more populated by atheist right now. I often feel the same ways about science and how it is connected with understanding the nature of God. My faith is what matters. I don't think it's misguided because I reject creation but still believe in a designer. A long term plan set in motion... No such way to know the absolute plenty for the wrong actions we do... Except by how we as humans measure them. We have laws because we are not entirely sure a murderer will suffer internally for his crimes, but rejoice in them. Gods will? Unlikely. We choose to ignore such a will. I try hard to figure out what Gods will could be for humanity's part in the cosmos... I don't see how others could be so jaded to so many topics when they just need to believe in God.

I don't mean that fundamentalist mainstream crap... If their not acting like their respective religious leaders acted.. They are hypocrites. Muslims seem to be the exception if infidels are related to a biblical style God - a judgment machine.

The judgment was made. We choose to not commit to the sentence to repay our part."

AA: "Has to be the worst argument for God ever, but it's still rather beautiful to believe and see no harm in that. In fact, if all theist thought that way I would never want to be an atheist. The matter of the fact is the common idea of a God is anthropomorphized like crazy, and then loved for being like a human - God gets to be jealous and angry, but we shouldn't? But are anyways? What kind of resolution happens when you decide to never be a hypocrite? How much of yourself do you have to stop being?

The depiction of God in literary terms is an expression of humanity in fictional terms.

We are better off campaigning the dismissal of such thinking than the expansion. They are not founded on transcendental principles, anymore, they are practiced on believing in the people who created, in the first place, and reciting them, not necessarily acting out, their principles is enough to find metaphysical sanctuary. A mental state that is so secure in of it self, that the self is never explored properly but in the predispositions of comfort-consciousness. Or whatever. I find this philosophy boring.. The fact we dismiss or avoid thinking about how we culturally behave, and concern more about religion, that is also a big turn off from socializing with theist. The inability to question. On the topic: God as it stands will not benefit the future of humanity. For reasons that are exponential to me - but fuzzily discussed on my turn."

IT: "While I agree the standard understanding of God shared among fundamentalist and extremist as being an image of judgment, and potentially what clouds them from actually expanding their thoughts on God. I think that is the battle above the fact of a Gods existence is understanding how everyone else believes or thinks about God. No questioning, no benefits from the faith. Believing God set a plan an out it forth is fine. Yet, what actions do you take to bring humanity forward? Do you just preach or do you act? How do you do both?

And questioning everyone's individual interpretation of God is monumental to that. But also bringing there connection with their projection of God along with your own projection of "the divine." I mean atheist get pretty excited defeating a "theist" what ever that means these days.. In a logical argument. Seems like they project that quality on their personal philosophies - which happens to be shared. Rather than try to defeat them... Tell them how you feel when you think about you "God" your idea of what a "all good creator" would have in mind and how you try to be that. Just use the vocabulary and semantics that won't offended them... Saying "God is bullshit" does more dissonance than "God is knowledge" - try it out. I mean, as long as they question their self once, that's all that matters right?

I don't think the belief of God is going away any time soon - might as well adapt at a higher frequency or be a rebel and say "fuck God" but your just good to socially push yourselves into a group like you are not.. Eventually be a new age religion. Plus you can't know either way, why be so certain? Why be so concerned, to label yourself atheist!?

Such is a movement towards "God" that is a collective awareness.. I mean "spiritual but no religious" is a thing now. I think God and religion are in the pudding of humanity. Better off taste testing than hanging the recipes. Know how to be a snob about God in a sense. Heh."

GT: "The movement of "atheism" is no more than the innate moral desires of a generation acting against the prior generations actions due to the immortality of them in retrospect. Shit, plenty of reason to literally turn from God. But you can't, these decisions to do such were already known but ignored to be satisfied and seek pleasure. Desire is sin... But not for practical needs.. But for needs that are based on how we believe "we are the best" - this is the evil in our minds we brighten out with thoughts of God. A killer still has his best interest in heart; we all share such a quality, but he is wrong to prevent others from being able to have their own interest at heart. It's a sin, it's an evil because the killer prevented that person from becoming a killer. Which I know sounds weird but think about it - Someone who kills was still trained to be a person in a society. Perhaps sins are social as well as individual. But not sins, the behavior to make them. God in us all mean we are all God. To harm one anther harms God. Religions need to bare their most ancient roots once again. Not break them and un pluck them. Gods message is within the shared ideas of the religions
I don't think atheist will make a new religion but definitely get to the point of making a larger impact on religions and making "atheist" an option. Like Christian atheist. What they should do is better be able to understand the religions than their respective practitioners, understand more about Protestant history than a Protestant, for example, to teach them..

The answers were given a thousand times now. Looking for them besides in the obvious place is foolish; holy books are such for a reason, just read and compare them all. the answers won't make you a better person though, remembering what they can't answer will. Oh and definitely actions speak louder than words."

AA: "Yes and many believe in the words of the bible and Koran are literal..."

IT: "Don't be foolish not all of them but literalism is definitely a concluding point."

GT: "Agreed; whether you choose to believe in God or not, question that belief and choose to. And if I may say one more sentence following this one."

IT: "Too late, ha, but you can wrap it up"

AA: "Yes"

GT: "God existence shouldn't be a reason to be a good human, being a good human is enough to be one with God and to feel God's existence."

AA: "Taken multidimensional-ly, I agree in the sense of consciousness and collective human awareness, we tend to need others to be ourselves. Just don't need to use the word... Just say nature I guess .."

IT: "Morality is the thread that ties together human nature."

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