Thursday, October 22, 2015

Looking in the Mirror

fickle little fucker; emotion lose stares
thinkin I'm a thumb sucker; evasive affairs
no chances given have to be quick
first words driven unlikely to stick
ears pucker as I begin to rhyme
eyes focus as words drop in lines...
you look at me giving my mind a colonoscopy
these words are merely just an art philosophy
visuals of what you want to be
a lie to say not projecting on to me
as if doe I cheated on you before,
lookin' at my messages as a chore
this mimetic nature is here fo sho
you hear what you wanna throw
we double back that's how we know
if this beat is original or has to go
am I gonna hurt you if you commit?
That's life, take chances, or just fuckin' quit
you take charge of what to feel
I can only give directions on how to steer

*sing* This life is not yours.... it belongs to others.... you are a glimpse of... those to come after you...

Those visuals you recognize
do everything to discriminize
lookin' for the flaws history taught you all
as though destiny has a taboo tattoo'd ya'll
its okay if I am not the preference
you dont have to get so intense
come over and do better on this microphone
create the art you want to make well known
it takes two be in a relationship
it takes one to be a dictatorship
your the audience so find flaw in this
haters gonna hate but I'll try for dis'
we are one for the sake of time
don't rush to love me and then criticize

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