Saturday, October 31, 2015

Prognostic Love

Forever xe will dominate cosmic complexity;
Submits to their mind and desire with calm ecstasy

Perpetrates the softest spirit of humanism;
Xyrs love demands no more or less than feudalism

Contemplates the vastness of interstellar space;
Seizes up once xe gazes upon their face

A disciplined mind like no other fellow;
"What would be a better rose, red or yellow?"

Mystic guru of patent empathy;
Ready to strike those offending, lightly

Xe is the prophet of the divine; 
"They are mine, now walk away you swine"

Time stands still and moves too quickly;
"Marry me now or be sickly"

Ambassador of courage;
"Without, I cannot manage"

Xe speaks only the truth;
"My love, harms our shared sooth"

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