Tuesday, December 22, 2015

The Cats of Thailand

Where is the orange one... named Garfield... he paused to think about words and first word was "dead" ... I kinda laughed.. I felt bad but it was an eventuality. Just a matter of time... but that's an awful reason to laugh... given the opportunity I would of kicked the dog that ate it while it was attacking the kitten. Or if before hand wrestle the dog. Grab the kitty and run away.

But... by the sheer number of stray and house cats... it's an eventuality. It will happen that entire litters die from getting eaten by insects, dogs.. killed by cars/motorbikes.. avcidently killed. These things happen in my original culture and environment. But not as a definitive and exponential; I remind you animal violence laws are only recent in Thailand.

I have these embedded attachments to medium sized domesticated mammals. Cats and dogs were a staple in cartoons and family style films. I had a cat named Smokey that I felt as much love for as a 8 year old could have. Died around 12 years old, I think. He was an outdoors type; annoying feisty thing he was, morning calls to open the door it's cold outsid. Probably had a dozen litters around town; like what I would do as a boy cat.

So I digress. But the point is my infinity for house pets exist in my childhood. Adolescence; and continuing so; I have my goofy mutt Neuron at home who is has always been my match for energy; we are equally as lazy and ready to be highly active. Love him.

To return to the theme of my disturbing laughs.. it was a culture shock.
Animals have rights and professional surgeons that charge the same as human patients.. from my own dwveloped awareness received as a child nurtured in my random environment (microcultures; proceeding from macro and meta-culture).

.... from my social conditioning, I was always aware that animals are extensions of family and should be treated with almost-rights or nature-rights; don't cause intentional harm, feed them so they are healthy, keep housed, almost-family member (in stories and discussion about home pets), or as family members, including gift giving and extensive health care provided.

I saw all this for animals... normally. And in my experience of general areas of south east Asia. It's almost the opposite. again chuckle-smiling as i wrote thst sentence.

Culture shock. Truly is that event. It's a normative you have understood and believed in, without ever actually doubting it. It's playing eith your perceived reality and your cognitive dissonances.

I think domestication and house pet is mostly wrong in the first place... we breed and inbreed dogs to get monetary results... economically speaking. Dogs and cats are not necessarily natural things; while mammals, didn't evolve in free terms or with freedom. Through human intervention these loveable creatures were isolated within our proxmities, and from helping us hunt to fighting each other, they have become what they are today, human companions; side kicks on an imaginary adventure to fun city. Excuse the absurdity.
But basically... dogs, cats, and sometimes pigs, horses, hamsters, ferrets, and like rodent sized and large mammals... we love our pets so much. We deemed society must love these sorts of animals; house, community, and competition pets need protection or rights to a degree that have as humans in a system of governance.

I find that amazing to think ...

We have animal shelters and 'Pounds' where to bring lost, unwanted, or 'stray' dogs. Like a half way house for unfortunate critters.... except getting their "act together" or rehabilitating depends on the next family that thinks their cute. This is still better to us (Americans; and related countries) than letting dogs and cats suffering in the street. It is amazing what you can realize by just looking at things we truly take for granted; the dog should be a family member, while in.. an equally sized alien socio-demographic of the world they are innately second and inferior to human. A lot of us get mad at this. I don't know what actually to think.
I mean a pig is smarter than a dog. And we eat a shit ton of bacon in America; there are websites for bacon based recipes. But if it were a dog equally domesticated to be like pigs... you would probably freak out; you would react 'emotionally' to the news you ate a bacon [meat fat] strip made out of a dog.
Some are appalled by a province of China eating dogs; once a year..

But they do the same thing everyone does to pigs.

Well except countries like America... where slaughter houses were once a corner stone of America's middle class economy. Replaced by automation and corporations.

A college education with summer work...

Truly we even over-consume said farm animals. Pigs and cows are known to cry before going into the 'house'. We know this. It's in documentaries and quick video clips... yet we still abuse those animals for our benefits. .. while we take a family photo with the dogs and cats...