Friday, December 9, 2016

Because I Can

Tangled black wires on the floor in between an outlet and a machine,
We buy them, we replace them, we lose them, we abuse them, we forget about them,
Black cords of rubber on the floor wrapped around optic wire,
Why do we ignore you? Do we see your conveniences? Do we recycle you?

These instruments, these materials and tools..
A plastic container used once,
Tin and copper thrown away in bulk,
"Disposable" pens and lighters and coffee cups,
 50 year old diapers in the sea,
Our 8th continent, Great Pacific Garbage Patch,

Quick Quality of Quaterly Demand:
We want what everyone else has,
Then we want to say we had it first,
Same goes for knowing things,
And doing them,
And saying them..
And that quantifies its' quality.
"What's hot" and "What did they do now?"
Probably something outspoken that caused debates,
Or some immoral act that we all know we do anyways,
Possibly, someone decided to not be quick and react the same as the populace..
The yearly quarter is over, how much was robbed from the population this term?
"I don't know," "I don't like to talk about politics," "Every country is corrupt," "It's not my problem, I just worry about myself," "You have to live your life and be happy."

The originality of the 'Generation Me' consist majorly of making a good quick quip,
something original, easy to comprehend, and fun or maybe funny. This is due to the desolving attention spans... because major sport entertainment leagues are some of the biggest corporations that don't contribute to the economy.. and a 'terrorist' attack involving the deaths of a few people, will receive a hundred times more coverage than an magnitude 8 earthquake killing thousands. Quick quips and exaggerated stories get more shares than Akon working to light up millions of homes. These connections are for the crazies that can see, not for the seekers to go crazy about. Left vs right, myself vs others, my group vs that group, my culture vs other cultures... I vs myself enough to know there is no need to get tribal. But me, me-me, it's all about what I am going to get.

Think for others, think forever.

Hell, I may be the first to be saying this^ like this*, but, I wasn't the first to say it, or make this conscious connection... I regress.. To say, look at me, bae, you, the reader, why the fuck don't you bring your own coffee cup to Starbucks?

It's all relevant you know,
What you see and can't see,
What you do and how you do it,
The ripples you make, the ripples you get,
The positions we take, the positions we fear,
Who is to say what we can do, what do we want to do?

We want freedoms, liberties and orderly justice - just not to do anything for it.

Tangled black wires on the floor in between an outlet and a machine,
We buy them, we replace them, we lose them, we abuse them, we forget about them,
Black cords of rubber on the floor wrapped around optic wire,
Why do we ignore you? Do we see your conveniences? Do we recycle you?

"Some of them want to use you
Some of them want to get used by you
Some of them want to abuse you
Some of them want to be abused."

People are things too,
We have measurable parts,
There are statistics about behavior,
The chemistry is there,

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Dear Overly Free Spirits

When you purchase,
You vote
When you sell,
You narrate a story
Supply and demand,
Those bullshit oils and stones

Oh hippie boy this letters for you
Meant to dictate difficulties ahead of you
Bluntly, your free spirit will often betray you

Self-expression, sharing art and love
Will be the forbidden dove;
You planted peace, now, hold the empty glove

This life has balance
Corporate world has won
Free love has a price
The cost is a chunk of your life

Capitalism is the global norm
We measure worlds by monetary storms
You can sign the petition form
Yet, it will take forceful reform

Will you stand and fight?
Shine the disobedient light?
Or, lay down and watch the sights?
Practice our instinct of flight?

My hopes and prayers are for you
Adjusting to the world around you
Nothing will be given to you

"I am that kid"

Once I noticed it... I saw a reflection...

Hands half clutched, watching the free spirit girl attract to the weirdly dressed young man. I see it, he's a good color of white, blues eyes, good smile. Why not want him... His actions were no weirder than his outfit; nerdy glasses and a leather jacket in broken shoes; speaking to every individual that was in the park. Everyone except her; is he even straight?! Real? Conscious of her?! What I wouldn't do to be the one she is attracting to..

Our Beesiness

As the bee pollinates,
Showing whose dominate
The people populate,
Yet forget, delicate.

Both the bee and people bleed,
One ignores who creates feed.
What had once produced our mead,
Will soon be what's lost in dreams

Care for the weak and small
Who protects them stands tall
We may face rising falls
Unless we stop ignoring these little calls

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Eratic Love for You

Explosive empathy
Shotgun intimacy
A demi-ecstasy
Love and bureaucracy

These adjectives, these nouns are limited by sound
Counting syllables, matching rhymes, measuring meter.. and their compound
Chemistry used for narration, so dramatically profound
But yet it remains, this body langauge, this frown

Fleshly realities embed every word said
With unidentified emotions that fled
We are apes in love, one day we will be dead
This natural fatalism does not diminish my goal, just my head

Juliets envy
Romeos regret
Divided houses oppress
Still, I'll drink the poison with you

My soul speaks to some..
As though a seductive symphony..
My secrets are searching specifically for one.
Although performing a linguistic sin
Before anyone else becomes an acronym

These social norms define my lust, but you must trust it will not crush.. even if the process seems rushed
There are no singular thoughts to share my single self with you
There are only contradictions and paradoxes with you. Love for you defined is love I'll never find.