Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Eratic Love for You

Explosive empathy
Shotgun intimacy
A demi-ecstasy
Love and bureaucracy

These adjectives, these nouns are limited by sound
Counting syllables, matching rhymes, measuring meter.. and their compound
Chemistry used for narration, so dramatically profound
But yet it remains, this body langauge, this frown

Fleshly realities embed every word said
With unidentified emotions that fled
We are apes in love, one day we will be dead
This natural fatalism does not diminish my goal, just my head

Juliets envy
Romeos regret
Divided houses oppress
Still, I'll drink the poison with you

My soul speaks to some..
As though a seductive symphony..
My secrets are searching specifically for one.
Although performing a linguistic sin
Before anyone else becomes an acronym

These social norms define my lust, but you must trust it will not crush.. even if the process seems rushed
There are no singular thoughts to share my single self with you
There are only contradictions and paradoxes with you. Love for you defined is love I'll never find.