Thursday, September 22, 2016

Dear Overly Free Spirits

When you purchase,
You vote
When you sell,
You narrate a story
Supply and demand,
Those bullshit oils and stones

Oh hippie boy this letters for you
Meant to dictate difficulties ahead of you
Bluntly, your free spirit will often betray you

Self-expression, sharing art and love
Will be the forbidden dove;
You planted peace, now, hold the empty glove

This life has balance
Corporate world has won
Free love has a price
The cost is a chunk of your life

Capitalism is the global norm
We measure worlds by monetary storms
You can sign the petition form
Yet, it will take forceful reform

Will you stand and fight?
Shine the disobedient light?
Or, lay down and watch the sights?
Practice our instinct of flight?

My hopes and prayers are for you
Adjusting to the world around you
Nothing will be given to you

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