Thursday, September 19, 2013

Communcation Dialogue

*A poem based off of the arguments here:

The dialogue can be renamed as - "The Golden This"


"Listen to my meanings, not my words"

Semantics have their own limitations!
Quickly analyzing suffers shallow anticipation
Resolving with many disqualifications,
Listen to more than the encryption and description.

Logical processing becomes flawed!
One plus one is all
Applying math to words makes the letters fall.
Some say "it's rational to make up laws"
Others say "as long as you do not draw the short straw."

Rhetorical disputes of cause and effort!
Rant, preach, teach or lecture,
To use a scapegoat or not, that is the tester.
Persuading, in nature, more righter or wronger?
Perhaps the divine pressure can make you stronger.


"Hey, how do you know this?"
"I feel as though I do"
"That does not mean you KNOW this!"
"It means the absolute truth exist within itself"
"What does that to do with this?"
"I do not have to remember the names of the researchers or theorist, or know them at all, I have to know what the goal is, and by extension this is in process and necessity of that"
"So you do not know this, but you think you know what the point of that is?"
"The same place you are looking to get, the singular point."
"What's the point?"
"Exactly - there may be no point, but most likely there is one. Just like this conversation, knowledge exist within communication abilities. I may not know the exact nature of this that will make you satisfied, but I do know when you have connected the dots which seem to not connect, you find more off the not-answers to make the answers more likely so."
"So.... you really do not know this?"
"This is relative to that, I know some of that and its supervenes on this, so I do, but not to your standards"
"Then why argue for this?"
"Because this is worth arguing for!"

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