Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Comparing Cosmic Consciousness

*Aliens do exist - humanoid animals for another planet, potentially thousands to millions of years older.  Whether you believe that or not, is your issue, not mine. However, to even slightly consider this truth, their existence calls into question our normative life styles.


Are we alone on the journey of supernatural contemplation?
Is our planet, and its inhabitants being questioned by ancient aliens?
Masters of the animal kingdom, on earth, what about the universe?

Who are they in our conception, giant tortoises...
What do they find contentment in, Lord Jesus...
Where are our cosmic cousins making coitus
When will our cultures collide and coddle
Why would they converse, and not anal fondle?

Properties of earthlings;
ape ancestry
existential drives
pragmatic patternist
verbal communicationist

How are their living conditions: daisies or lotus'?
Have they began to question their own focus?
How are ours? Have we? Don't choke the artist

We have ignorance paralleled to bliss, mass death, poor disproportion of feed,
children suicides, social theft, gang violence and (did I mention) corporatized greed?

Transcending these short comings for the benefit of future humans! But how?

The nature of our conditions and practiced conducts should be compared to our cosmic cousins; looking for aliens with analogous faces, places and sensations with advanced economic fascinations.”

Seeking Star Trek sanctity:
Satisfying celestial insecurities
Searching for secrets of the stars
Warp speed star-ships sailing soundlessly

Steer the spaceship towards the nearest exoplanet,
and GO!
Off into the unknown!
Off to the next Goldilock Zone!

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