Friday, September 27, 2013

The Philosophy of the “Self”

“The unexamined mind is a waste.”
Critically thinking is the paste.
Understanding of cognition,
To avoid limitations.
Think simply, what is universal?
What do we all share non-controversial?
“Words used to convey thoughts,
When thoughts are grasped, words lost.”
Languages are a manifestation,
Of cultures and perceptions.
As life goes on, we create biases.
Polluting our opinions of silences.
Unaware in how much we all have in common,
Truly, we are all from the same garden.
Pursue in finding the connections,
To discover personal disconnections.
Thinking about thinking can be maddening.
Often it can correlate saddening.
Deep thinking can put you at the bottom of a well,
Frequently it can make you feel like hell.
But, to do otherwise proves damaging.
To not self-reflect is most unravishing.


Thinking about thinking can be maddening,
Often it can correlate saddening.
Awareness does not mean happiness,
Enlightenment can bring sadness.
But, to do otherwise is damaging,
to not reflect on life is unmanaging.
"The unexamined mind is a waste"
Start critical thinking, make haste!


Flag waving to the breeze,

The flag does not move,
The wind does not move,
The mind is what moves

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