Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Who I Am = What is Human

*Think you are special? Think again... 
"There is no self without relations."
Enlighten cognition, avoid limitations.
Beware in how we are all built.
Conjured from the same silt.
Patternicity curses the human race.
Vicious cycles of happiness, loses face.
Think simply, what is universal?
What do we all share non-controversial?
Words are used to convey thoughts,
When thoughts are grasped, words lost.”
As lives unfold, we develop biases,
Polluting our opinions of silences.
Shallow attachments create self lies.
Deep awareness destroys these guises.
Duplicating nurtures unremittingly.
Mirror; educators, friends, and family.
Band wagon is nature, but have balances.
Equal amount of skeptic-faith allowances.
Thinking of self, ignoring others, proves damaging.
Reflection via nature vs. nurture; ravishing

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