Monday, September 30, 2013

Instant Deindividualizing

*poem and statement

*Inspired slightly by Ishmael by Daniel Quinn


History of Our Path:

A moment of instancy, gliding into prehistory,
Only a squatter based upon plounder.
Descendents of ancient sapians; ideological immaterialians.
Generations paved decay, began to material away.
Over time lose of pathism values; atomizing individualisms.

The Materialian Reign:

The instancy of the moment, winded by contradictory.
Plunder our lineage in hopes of kingship and power;
Supremacist knowledge. Disregard modern moralians,
New ways of infinitely being astray...
Social individuality. Generation-less Me. Selfism.


*Go back to the source of the oldest written path, way or discipline. Go back to many different ones. There are common threads, explore them. You'll know they are ethical threads and overtime have overlapped consistently - especially with the fact, we do not practice them as living, breathing individuals in our moral decision making.  To be truly ethical, is to know the history of ethical contemplation and philosophy - many ancient, modern and contemporary philosophers will wear the mask of historian. To think 'ethics' is to not solely think about morals, but the objective paradoxes that come out of moral dilemmas.  There is no question, objective morals exist: no ONE person can say genocide or random killing is GOOD.  This means, we are born with a basic moral map to be ethical with others.

We have grown to believe we are able to leave ethics to ethicist, and the philosophy to philosophers.  We are all equipped with the ability to be self aware of our own individual circumstances and environments as well as the circumstance of others - at least a great deal of people. Now more than ever with the internet (and other techno-progressions), can we learn about others behave, think and believe.  Sources are a question of concern, but at least with multiple sources there is more knowledge of relative data that may make some sources look poor or better.

Ethics... Is not the main issue. But at the same time it is.

The problem with our current day standards of living, is the belief we are destined for better standards of living... The 'we' being individual, but, sometimes meant to mean 'all of us'.

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